The technical background of ABACC’s inspectors is essential for a good performance in the safeguards missions and, therefore, ABACC places strong emphasis on training activities in its global planning.

When the inspectors start to work for ABACC, they are offered introductory courses for the application of ABACC’s safeguards in which they get acquainted with the specificities of the safeguard missions.

Main subjects
  • Inspection Procedures
  • Auditing of Accounting Records
  • Containment and Surveillance
  • Use of Neutron Collar

When training is planned, attention is paid to the fact that courses must be offered both in Argentina and Brazil, in order to facilitate the participation of the whole team of ABACC inspectors.

The International Atomic Energy Agency plays a significant role in the training activities, by either providing instructors for the courses or facilitating the participation of their own inspectors in the courses offered.