The Common System of Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials, known as the SCCC, is a set of safeguards procedures applicable to all the nuclear materials used in all the nuclear activities performed within the jurisdictions or in the territories of Argentina and Brazil. It is aimed at ensuring that no significant amounts of these materials are deviated to the manufacture of weapons or other devices of mass destruction.

The main purpose for the creation of the SCCC was providing uniformity to the safeguards procedures applied in Argentina and Brazil. Thus, all the safeguards requirements and procedures became applicable to both countries and the operators of the nuclear facilities in both nations started to follow the same control regulations concerning nuclear materials and are submitted to the same type of verification and control.

The SCCC was legally established under the Agreement between the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Argentine Republic for the Exclusively Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy, also known as the Bilateral Agreement”.

The administration of the SCCC was entrusted to the ABACC that should report to the Commission on any abnormality, regarding safeguards that occurred in the facilities.


  • 01

    Requirements for the licensing of a nuclear facility, as from the safeguards viewpoint

  • 02

    Procedures for the application of the SCCC by the authority in the nuclear sector of each country

  • 03

    Procedures for the regional application of the SCCC by the ABACC

The General Procedures of the SCCC are defined by:

  • Starting point of safeguards in a given facility

  • Procedures for the presentation of data on the design of the facilities to the ABACC

  • Accounting and operational records to be kept by the operation

  • National and international transfers of materials

  • The purpose, intensity and scope of the inspections for the verification of the nuclear material inventories and their variations

  • Provisions for the application of containment and surveillance measures

Instruments for Verification and Control

The General Procedures of the SCCC are complemented by two manuals which are the instruments used for verification and control.
Technical Questionnaire
Application Manual