The safeguards inspections in Argentina and Brazil are performed jointly by the ABACC and the IAEA, so as to optimize human, financial and material resources. They take place after thorough planning and involve three stages: pre-inspection, inspection in situ and post-inspection.

In order to maintain the impartiality of the results, the inspections are crossed: the Brazilian inspectors perform the inspections in Argentina and vice versa.

  • 01


    The inspectors come to ABACC to be informed on the facility to be inspected and to receive the equipment units and the metallic seals to be used.
  • 02


    The in-situ inspections are always performed accompanied by the operator of the facility.
  • 03


    The inspectors prepare the report, give back the equipment and the metallic seals unused or taken away from the facility, and update the “Inspection Database” with the data obtained during the mission.
  • Lista de inspetores

    Argentinian Inspectors
    Brazilian Inspectors

    Facilities under Safeguards

    Types of installations Argentina Brazil TOTAL
    Conversion and Fuel Fabrication 9 2 11
    U-Enrichment Plants 2 3 5
    Power Reactors 5 3 8
    Research Reactors/Critical and Subcritical Reactors 7 8 15
    Others (R&D, Storage, etc) 28 10 38
    TOTAL 51 26 77