Training Course for ABACC and IAEA Inspectors on Inspection Procedures Applied to Brazilian Enrichment Plants

From 1 to 5 October, 2018, ABACC in cooperation with CNEN, CTMSP, INB, IAEA and DOE carried out the course for ABACC and IAEA inspectors on inspection procedures applied to the Brazilian enrichment plants.

The course was divided into two blocks; the first one was developed at Safeguards Laboratory of CNEN (LASAL/IRD) and the second one at the Enrichment Plant of INB, in Resende.

The course was attended by 6 inspectors from ABACC and 5 IAEA inspectors. The practical part was supported by LASAL/IRD and speakers from ABACC, IAEA and DOE took part in the course.

These courses are relevant for guaranteeing the effective application of inspections of the Common System of Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials (SCCC), which is administered by ABACC and IAEA.

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