Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) recognizes the Quadripartite Agreement as an alternative criterion to the Additional Protocol

After more than 6 years of negotiations, the participating countries of the 21st Plenary Meeting Nuclear Suppliers Group established new guidelines, in which only countries that met with the highest standards of physical protection, safety and nuclear safeguards would have unimpeded access to the sensitive technologies of uranium enrichment and the reprocessing of nuclear fuel.

According to the Note from the Brazilian Foreign Ministry “the decision has particular importance, in that the NSG has begun to recognize the Quadripartite Agreement signed by Brazil, Argentina, the Brazilian-Argentine Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials (ABACC) and the International Atomic Energy Agency as an alternative criterion to the Additional Protocol to the IAEA safeguards agreements”.

The Note continues: “As well as emphasizing the political significance of the Quadripartite Agreement – which this year celebrates its twentieth anniversary – as a model of approximation and fostering of trust between Brazil and Argentina in the field of the exclusively peaceful uses of nuclear energy, the decision of the NSG opens new perspectives for the international cooperation and the greater access to the technologies relevant to the development of the Brazilian nuclear program”.