The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Welcomes Ms. Elena Maceiras

The Ambassador Nelson Antonio Tabajara de Oliveira, Undersecretary General for Multilateral Political Affairs, Europe and North America, received Ms. Elena Maceiras on the occasion of her appointment as Secretary of ABACC of Argentine nationality.

The homage was held at the Itamaraty Palace in Brasilia and was attended by Dr. Marco Marzo, Secretary of ABACC, Ambassador Luís Fernando Abbott Galvão, Head of the Department of International Organizations, Ambassador Eugenia Barthelmess, Director of the Department of South America, Minister Marcelo Câmara, Head of the Division of Disarmament and Sensitive Technologies. The representatives of CNEN, Dr. Cassia Lima and Ms. Viviane Simões, as well as representative of Brazilian Navy, Dr. Luciano Pagano, also participated in the event.