ABACC's participation on the event “O papel da Salvaguarda Nuclear no Brasil”at  COPPE/UFRJ

Dr. Marco Marzo, Secretary of ABACC, and Dr. Fabio Dias, Operations Officer, were invited to participate in the seminar organized by the UFRJ’s students section of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM), untitled “The Role of Nuclear Safeguarding in Brazil, on October 3, 2017 at COPPE / UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro. The themes of the presentations were: “ABACC – 25 Years Applying Safeguards” and “Technologies for Nuclear Facilities and Materials in Safeguards”. Dr. Lilia Palhares, the CNEN’s safeguards coordinator also participated in the event giving the lecture “Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials and Safeguards – Activities of COSAP / CNEN.