The ABACC receives Navy representatives for technical lectures

On May 28, the ABACC Secretariat received the Vice Admiral Noriaki Wada, the Director of the Centro Tecnológico da Marinha in São Paulo (CTMSP), Rear Admiral Antonio Capistrano de Freitas Filho, the Secretary of Coordenação de Sistemas of the Gabinete de Segurança Institucional (GSI / PR), and Rear Admiral Humberto Morais Ruivo, the Director of the Agencia Naval de Segurança Nuclear e Qualidade (AgNSNQ).

Three technical presentations were performed: i) Regional Safeguards System-ABACC; ii) Safeguards Applied to Nuclear Facilities; and iii) Perspectives and Challenges for the Future.

Also attended the lectures members of the technical area of the AgNSNQ.

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