ABACC participation in the International Seminar “Antinuclear Initiatives and Movements in Brazil since the End of the Cold War”, organized by the Federal University of Goiás, from April 26 to 27, 2023

On April 27, at the invitation of the International Relations Program of the Federal University of Goiás, Secretary Marco Marzo delivered the lecture “The origins, present and future of ABACC” and participated in the panel “Brazil and efforts to create the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPAN). The objective was to discuss the emergence of anti-nuclear movements and in favor of nuclear pacifism, as part of a series of events of the Project “Global History of Peace and Anti-Nuclear Movements at the End of the Cold War” led by the Open University and the University of Sheffield, carried out in several countries (Brazil, South Africa, Sweden, Japan and England).