ABACC participates in the VII Forum on Confidence and Security-Building Measures

ABACC was invited to participate, via videoconference, in the Forum on Confidence and Security-Building Measures, organized by the Organization of American States (OAS), on April 27, 2017, in Washington, USA.

The secretary of ABACC, Dr. Marco Marzo, accompanied by the deputy secretary, Sergio Solmesky, and by planning and evaluation officers, presented the context of the creation of ABACC, its mission, its structure and the most representative numbers that confirm the compliance with its mission: to guarantee the peaceful use of nuclear energy in Brazil and Argentina.

This is the first time that ABACC has had the opportunity to present to the member states of the OAS its role as the binational agency of nuclear safeguards, which represents the consolidation of the existing trust between the two countries.

The representative of Argentina at the OAS, Counselor Lorena Capra, highlighted the good relationship that Argentina and Brazil have in this area and the positive results that have been obtained during the 25 years of the Agency.

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