ABACC and KINAC (“Korea Institute of Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Control”) held the annual bilateral meeting under the virtual modality on technical cooperation between both organizations

On October 19, 2021, ABACC and KINAC held a bilateral meeting with the aim of resuming contact, sharing information on the activities carried out by both organizations since the last meeting in 2019 and exchanging experience on technical issues of mutual interest in areas of application of the “Common System of Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials” (SCCC) and safeguards.

The meeting was chaired by the Secretary of ABACC, Lic. Elena Maceiras and the President of KINAC, Dr. Yong Soo Hwang, accompanied by the Deputy Secretary of ABACC, Dr. Marco Marzo and representatives of both institutions.

KINAC and ABACC presented aspects of the application of safeguards and the SCCC during 2020, with special reference to the fulfillment of verification activities and objectives despite the challenges related by the Covid-19 pandemic. Significant cooperation between government authorities and two operators was highlighted to meet the defined objectives. There was an exchange on implementation aspects of the SCCC / Safeguards in similar nuclear facilities, such as CANDU reactors and pressurized water reactors (LWRs), part of which could be the subject of some specific collaboration in the future. The meeting ended with the commitment of the parties to resume the annual interaction on the occasion of the meetings of the IAEA General Conference.