ABACC-IAEA Joint Accounting Auditing Course for Brazilian ABACC Inspectors

From 28 to 31 March, 2023, the “ABACC-OIEA Joint Accounting Auditing Course” was held at the ABACC headquarters. The event was attended by 9 ABACC inspectors of Brazilian nationality. The topics of the course covered the concepts of accounting for nuclear materials, the content and format of the accounting reports prepared by the National Authorities and their submission deadlines, and the presentation of supporting documentation models for joint ABACC/IAEA audit procedures. The last three days of the course were devoted to the practice of using the joint audit software – NSJAR (New Software for Joint Auditing of Records ABACC-IAEA) in a series of simulated audits. ABACC’s Nuclear Material Accounting and Control Officers participated as instructors.

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