"ABACC - 30 YEARS OF A PIONEERING MODEL," event held in Argentina for academic institutions

On August 23, 2023, ABACC organized the event “ABACC-30 Years of a Pioneering Model” in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The event had the participation of 30 representatives from various universities and institutes in fields such as international law, political science, international relations, among others (University of Buenos Aires (UBA), University of San Andrés, National University of 3 de Febrero, University of Salvador (USAL), Pontifical Catholic University Santa Maria of Argentina, Institute of Foreign Service of the Nation (ISEN)) attended the event.

The program consisted of presentations about the creation, evolution, and current state of ABACC, delivered by the ABACC Secretaries and the Director of the Directorate of International Security, Nuclear, and Space Affairs (DIGAN) from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Worship of Argentina.

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