42nd Annual Meeting (Virtual) of the European Safeguards Research and Development Association - ESARDA - November 16-19, 2020

The president of ESARDA invited the Secretary of ABACC to participate in the meeting of the ESARDA Steering Committee, and present the ABACC and the Common System of Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials, highlighting the interest in deepening technical cooperation in safeguards areas of mutual interest.

ESARDA is an association of European organizations established to harmonize research and development activities in the area of ​​nuclear safeguards and is also a forum for the exchange of information and knowledge on the subject. ABACC has been participating regularly in its technical activities, both in its annual meetings and in the working groups dedicated to technologies, techniques and methods of application in safeguards. ABACC also participated in the working groups on non-destructive testing (NDA) and on verification technologies and methods (VTM) as well as in other activities of the ESARDA annual meeting.