Total success in the training for inspections in enrichment facilities in Brazil

Organized by ABACC with the collaboration of the Comissão Nacional de Energia Nuclear, the Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil and of the Centro Tecnológico da Marinha em São Paulo, the “Course for ABACC and IAEA inspectors on inspection procedures for the Brazilian installations of uranium enrichment”, took place during September 1– 5, 2014 in the cities of Resende and Rio de Janeiro.

The course had the participation of ABACC and IAEA inspectors and instructors from ABACC, IAEA and the National Brookhaven Laboratory of the US Department of Energy. The objective of the course was to equalize the knowledge about the activities performed during the joint inspections ABACC/IAEA in the Fábrica de Combustível Nuclear – Enriquecimento of Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil and in the laboratories of the Centro Tecnológico da Marinha em São Paulo.
The participants had the opportunity to carried out the technical part of the training in the facilities of the commercial plant of Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil, as well as to discuss the safeguard approaches for these installations and to simulate the joint procedures in the use of the equipment, in order to improve the efficacy and efficiency of the joint inspections ABACC/IAEA.

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