Participation of Dr. Marco Marzo at the “50th Anniversary Symposium: Nuclear Safeguards in Los Alamos”

The Los Alamos National Laboratory of the United States organized a symposium to commemorate the 50 years of the International Program of Nuclear Safeguards of the laboratory on July 13-14, 2017. Dr. Marco Marzo was invited and took part in the first panel of the symposium – “Celebrating 50 Years of Nuclear Safeguards”. The other participants on the panel were Dr. Olli Heinonen (Harvard Belfer Center), Dr. Howard Menlove (Los Alamos National Laboratory) and Dr. Jill Cooley (Y-12 National Security Complex). In his presentation, Dr. Marzo talked about the importance of regional systems of safeguards, in particular the ABACC model, and about the new technical challenges that new sensitive technologies represent to safeguards. More information regarding this event can be found in the Program.