ABACC participates in the "Global Nuclear Politics” course, organized by Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), between July 1 and July 7, 2019, São Paulo, Brazil

The purpose of the course is to train university students and professionals from different institutions of Brazil in fundamental aspects related to nuclear governance.

This intensive course reviewed key concepts of the nuclear non-proliferation regime, the peaceful use of nuclear energy and nuclear disarmament with a perspective turned to nuclear policy and Brazil. Leading experts, professors and government officials participated in the event.

ABACC was invited by the Fundação Getúlio Vargas to participate in various presentations related to nuclear energy and safeguards and in a round table dedicated to the professional development in safeguards, nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament. Experts from the academy, governmental, non-governmental and international organizations like ABACC participated in this round table.

ABACC participation contributed to the dissemination of ABACC model of a regional system of safeguards built by Brazil and Argentina and its importance to peaceful uses of nuclear energy.