ABACC participated in the (virtual) Joint Annual Meeting of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management – ​​INMM – and of the European Research and Development Association – ESARDA, held from August 23 to 26 and from August 30 to September 1, 2021

In the year of the 30th Anniversary commemoration, ABACC decided to have an active participation in the Joint Annual Meeting INMM & ESARDA, presenting technical works in priority areas in the application of the regional verification system and its coordination with IAEA safeguards.

In this special opportunity to celebrate 30 years of existence of a safeguards model and peaceful use of nuclear energy, ABACC proposed to INMM and ESARDA a panel to discuss regional and international safeguards cooperation entitled “Cooperation in Safeguards Implementation: Lessons Learned and Opportunities for Improvement”. Authorities from the IAEA, ABACC, EURATOM, INMM and ESARDA participated in the panel.

ABACC presented 7 (seven) technical articles, several of them co-authored with other organizations:

  • 30 years of ABACC – A regional safeguards system in the framework of international safeguards and nuclear cooperation for peaceful purposes
  • Progress in the implementation of the ABACC-Cristallini UF6 Sampling Method
  • Modernization of ABACC´s Accounting Data Bases
  • The New Software for Joint Auditing of Records ABACC – IAEA
  • ABACC’s Experience on Using Medium Resolution Gamma-ray Spectrometry Based on Lanthanum Bromide Detectors for Uranium Enrichment Measurements
  • Safeguards Implementation by ABACC during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Four Years of Experience on State of Health (SoH) Remote Data Transmission of Surveillance Systems Applied to Nuclear Power Reactors in Brazil and Argentina

ABACC’s Deputy Secretary, Dr. Marco Marzo, participated in the meeting of the Technical Division of International Safeguards (ISD), and presented the achievements of ABACC in fulfilling its mission of verifying the commitment to the exclusively peaceful use of nuclear energy in Argentina and in Brazil in times of pandemic, highlighting the cooperation of countries and the coordination of ABACC-IAEA for the fulfillment of our inspection plan in 2021.

ABACC’s Planning and Evaluation Officer, Ms. Sonia Fernández Moreno, participated in the panel “Advancing Together: Insights from Collaborative Leaders”, presenting ABACC, its main activities and cooperation with institutes such as INMM and ESARDA.

ABACC also participated in different thematic sessions such as the ASC Committee N15 meeting related to standards and guidelines for analytical measurement and non-destructive testing.