ABACC participated in the Annual Symposium of the Latin American Section of the "American Nuclear Society" LAS/ANS 2022 "Nuclear technologies contributing to sustainability"

The Annual Symposium took place between June 20 and 22, 2022 at the National Nuclear Energy Commission – CNEN with the presence of important authorities and specialists from the nuclear sectors of the countries of the Latin American region, as well as regional organizations and companies.

The Symposium reviewed the perspective and status of nuclear technologies in Latin America, addressing, in particular, nuclear technologies for power generation, public health and industry, closing with a round table dedicated to these technologies and global warming.

The Deputy Secretary of ABACC, Mrs. Elena Maceiras, participated in the opening ceremony with a brief presentation on the importance of the Bilateral Agreement between Argentina and Brazil on the exclusively peaceful use of nuclear energy, ABACC’s mission over the past 30 years, coordination with the IAEA safeguards as well as other relevant aspects related to the nuclear non-proliferation regime. ABACC also participated as moderator of two Round Tables dedicated to different nuclear technologies.