ABACC holds a meeting of the advisory group on destructive analysis (DA)

On 8 and 9 March, a meeting of experts in destructive analysis of ABACC support network laboratories and members of the Secretariat was held at the Agency’s headquarters to discuss topics of common interest. Representatives from the Argentine laboratories of the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) as well as from the Brazilian laboratories of the Technological Center of the Navy in São Paulo (CTMSP) and of the National Commission of Nuclear Energy (CNEN) were present.

It was given special emphasis on the topics related to the ABACC-Cristallini Method certification for UF6 sampling with ASTM International; to the excellent results obtained by the laboratories of the ABACC network in the laboratory intercomparison program NMRORO-2017 organized by the IAEA, in which 32 laboratories from 16 different countries participated; to the arrangements for the next revision of the International Target Values ​​(ITV), which should be published by the IAEA in 2020; the participation of laboratories in the next intercomparison program in cooperation with the New Brunswick Laboratory scheduled for 2018.

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