ABACC at the 58th INMM Annual Meeting

ABACC participated actively in the annual meeting of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management, which was held in Indian Wells, United States, on July 16-20, 2017.

The Secretary of ABACC, Dr. Marco Marzo chaired the session “International Safeguards: Evolution of Safeguards”. Sonia Fernández Moreno, Planning and Evaluation Officer, chaired the session “International Safeguards: Country Experiences in Implementing Safeguards”.

The Operations Officer of ABACC, Fábio Cordeiro Dias presented the papers “Qualification for Safeguards Purposes of UF6 Sampling using Alumina – Results of the Evaluation Campaign of ABACC‐Cristallini Method” and  “Experience in unattended monitoring systems applied to PHWR reactors in Argentina: Progress Achieved”.

These two works are in partnership with several professionals from the Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear da Argentina, from the IAEA and from the laboratories of the ABACC Support Network.

ABACC has also collaborated with the Joint Research Center of the European Commission in the preparation of a third work, entitled “Ultrasonic sealing system developed for Atucha 1 & 2 spent fuel underwater storage ponds in Argentina”.